Laundry Extraction

Laundry Ventilation System

Keeping the laundry aired is vital, as it is often a colder part of the house containing a lot of moisture resulting in excess humidity and lint. Installing a laundry room ventilation system is useful to keep incoming air moving in order to maintain dry air, walls, clothes and surfaces. At Plumbing Plus New Zealand we offer a variety of home ventilation products to suit everyone. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, Plumbing Plus brings together the best laundry room ventilation products from wall grills, to fans, flex ducting, and more.

Each of our convenient grill kits can be installed into existing homes, and can also have additional features added such as a fan timer in order to switch your appliance off after a set amount of time.


Laundry Room Ventilation Fan Kits

Our ventilation kits are designed to be an energy-efficient and practical way to ventilate your laundry room. We have a variety of easy to install air ventilation systems to suit both ceiling and wall installation. Included in our range is the Manrose Designer Fan Kit. This elegantly designed award-winning fan kit is New Zealand’s first app-controlled system. The best solution to control condensation and indoor air quality in yourlaundry room.

If you have sufficient roof space, another exhaust fan option is the Manrose Contour System Fan Kit. This ventilation system works by reducing condensation and humidity when the vent pipes exhaust directly into the outdoor air and are installed into the roof directly above the steam source in theroom (e.g. shower or bath).


Wall Grills

We offer a huge range of Wall Grill exhaust fans, including the Manrose Classic Thru Wall Fan. This low voltage wall fan system can be used in moist air zones one, two or three and comes in a range of sizes to suit any size room. The compact vent design means it can be installed unobtrusively into any wall.


Flexible Vent Ducting

At Plumbing Plus, we have flexible vent ducting available in both one-meter and three-meter lengths. The duct sleeves are fire retardant to 75μm, black low density polyethylene, and UV stabilised. Suitable for heat up to 80˚ C and a minimum temperature of -10˚ C.

Whether you are after an air ventilation system for your laundry, kitchen or bathroom, shop our products online or come in and talk about your requirements to the experts at Plumbing Plus.