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Showers Sliders, Rails & Hand Showers 

Shower sliders and hand showers are versatile options for any shower, shub or tub set up. A detachable shower handset and hose can offer improved comfort and flexibility over traditional fixed models and they are also ideal for cleaning kids and pets or washing your hair without getting into the shower entirely. Shower rail sliders work in conjunction with a shower handset to let each person set the height for the showerhead to fit their preference.

Our bathroom product range includes one of the best selections of shower sets and slide showers in New Zealand, so look around and find the style that works for your home.


Shower Sliders

At Plumbing Plus we stock one of the largest ranges of shower sliders in New Zealand. Our wide and varied range of shower sliders for sale has something to fit in with almost any bathroom style and function. A slide shower allows the detachable shower head to move up and down the rail, offering scope for users of all heights and sizes to have an ideal showering experience. These are one of the most common options for shower fittings in the country, and the versatility makes it quite clear why they are so popular.


Hand Showers

Plumbing Plus also stocks a leading range of hand showers for sale. These versatile fittings compliment a bathtub well, providing a handheld shower head with a hose that offers increased flexibility over a fixed unit. When not in use, it rests neatly in a shower handset holder.

If you are looking for a hand shower in New Zealand, be sure to browse the many options available at Plumbing Plus. Our leading selection of bathroom products also includes showers, shower mixers, fixed shower heads and fittings, glass shower doors, bath shower doors and screens and much more.