Kitchen Extraction

Kitchen Extractor Fans and Ventilation

Proper kitchen ventilation helps create a pleasant and productive space to cook. With one of the leading ranges of kitchen extractor fans in New Zealand, Plumbing Plus has you covered for all your kitchen ventilation needs. There are many different types and styles of fans available, as well as all of the ducting and accessories you may require to ensure your kitchen fan serves its purpose effectively. Take a look around the many options and see what will work in your home.


Roof Extractor Fans for Kitchens

A kitchen extractor fan that is set in the roof is an efficient kitchen ventilation system, drawing steam and smoke upwards and out through the ducting, to a cowl on the roof or the outside wall. A grille in the ceiling offers an unobtrusive and streamlined look, and you can get roof extractor fans in various colours to blend in with the design of your kitchen.


Wall Extractor Fans for Kitchens

Some of our kitchen extractor fans for sale are of the in-wall variety. These are simple to install, generally requiring only a small amount of ducting to access the outside. In-wall extractor fans for kitchens are very popular, and many grilles can be used for both wall and ceiling according to your preference. We have many styles and sizes of kitchen wall fans, so browse the range to find what you need.


Kitchen Extractor Ducting and Cowls

The ducting that is hidden in the walls and the cowls which vent to the outside of the house are just as important as the visible sections of kitchen exhaust fans, as without these parts the ventilation system would be completely unable to function.

Besides a great range of kitchen ventilation products, Plumbing Plus also stocks everything else you need to put the finishing touches on your kitchen. Our kitchen range includes taps and mixers, filtered drinking water units, Insinkerators and food disposal units, boiling and chilled water systems and more.