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Filtered Water Taps

For convenience in the kitchen and fresher, cleaner-tasting water, look no further than filtered water taps. Our range of kitchen water filters cater to a variety of purposes. Kitchen water filters deliver high-quality filtration, and some even provide hot or chilled water on demand. Water filter taps are the perfect way to instantly add aesthetic and functional value to the design of your kitchen. Shop our stylish, convenient range of taps and kitchen products online or in-store at Plumbing Plus.


Kitchen Tap Water Filters

From where it’s sourced right through to our kitchen taps, multiple factors affect the taste and quality of the water we drink. Wherever you live, you will notice the difference when using filtered water taps in New Zealand. Water filter taps help to remove the impurities commonly found in tap water. This filtration system improves the taste and quality of the water you drink and cook with every day. Filtered drinking water taps prepare your water before it even leaves the faucet, meaning you can enjoy the best possible tasting water with no added inconvenience. 


Under Sink Water Chillers

A cool, refreshing glass of water is one of the best ways to beat the heat and stay hydrated. With chilled water taps, this simple pleasure is at your fingertips whenever you need it. Under sink chillers take up very little room under your kitchen sink, cooling your water entirely out of sight and out of mind. Kitchen water chillers also save space in the fridge and freezer. Instant chilled water eliminates the need to keep a jug of water in the fridge or ice cubes on hand. These units are also very efficient and cost-effective to run, making for a great addition to any kitchen. 


Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Taps

For the best of both worlds, an instant boiling and chilled water tap provides clean filtered water for a variety of tasks in the kitchen. For example, with this tap installed, there is no need to wait for the kettle boil. A hot cup of tea or coffee is just the press of a button away, as is fresh boiling water for cooking. During the hot summer months, reach for the chilled water tap. This lets you can enjoy the refreshment of a cool glass of water at a moment’s notice. Visit Plumbing Plus instore or online for our range of efficient, high-quality kitchen accessories including everything from Insinkerators to ventilation units.