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Bidet Toilet Seats 

Bidets in New Zealand are a rare sight, but can make a great addition to a bathroom. They make personal hygiene a breeze, help you reduce your toilet paper consumption and add a touch of European flair to any room. Water cleans better than toilet paper, so bidet usage is more hygienic, helps reduce overall paper waste, and even has a heated seat and remote control. We also stock a separate bidet toilet seat great for saving space in a small room.

Alongside one of New Zealand’s leading ranges of bidets for sale, our bathroom product range also includes mixers, wall hung bidets, bidet toilet seats and anything you might need to install one of these handy features. Browse our available models to see what’s suitable for your bathroom.


Bidet Mixers 

A good mixer tap is a crucial part of the bidet. It provides directional and adjustable water pressure and allows you to customise the water temperature for comfortable use. Taps are also an important aspect of a bathroom's style, and you can pick the bidet mixer that will suit your own aesthetic from our range - a square and industrial one perhaps, or a more classic rounded mixer faucet.


Bidet Seats

You can also buy bidet toilet seats here at Plumbing Plus. These comfort bidet seats provide more hygienic washing and a hands free experience while the bidet seat works beneath you so you feel clean. Toilet bidet seats offer the function of a bidet’s wash features without the separate basin, which is a great way to save space. A new bidet seat can be installed and retrofitted to a normal seat, and take clean water from the toilet tank for the water supply - not the bowl - to spray for personal cleaning. With a heated seat and a heated water reservoir, they always have warm water ready to go, and are run by an electronically operated system for ease of use. Take a look at what’s available, check our bidet seat prices, and replace your old seat with this eco-friendly, comfortable cleaning method today. 

Plumbing Plus stocks everything you need to fit out a new bathroom or complete a washroom renovation, including modern toilet suites, bathroom taps and mixers, recessed, above counter and wall hung basins, bathroom vanity units, smart toilets and everything you need for installation. View our range of toilets and bidets online or at one of our nationwide plumbing stores.