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Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house and is often overlooked when styling bathroom accessories and upgrades. Updating a bathroom with a fresh, modern bathroom accessories set will make a world of difference to your space. Plumbing Plus stocks an extensive selection of stylish shower and bathroom accessories online and in-store in New Zealand. Shop mirrors to shower soap holders and rings for your towels in the design and colour of your choice.

Toothbrush and Tumbler Holders

Keep your toothbrushes clean and away from other toiletries with toothbrush holders or tumblers. Wall-mounted tumblers are designed for maximum functionality and are a sought-after option to keep your bathroom sink uncluttered.

Bathroom Soap Dispensers and Dishes

Coordinate your toothbrush holder with a soap dispenser from Plumbing Plus. Bathroom accessories that match in design and colour add a touch of luxury to your home and provide a spa-like feel. We offer an extensive range of bathroom soap dispensers. Freestanding, wall-mounted and hands-free dispensers are among the fashionable options available. Soap dishes come in handy as a soap holder for the shower and the bathroom sink. Choose between a classic soap dish or our wall-mounted shower soap holder designs.

Shower Baskets and Trays

Shower baskets and bathroom trays are convenient additions to a shower enclosure. Your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other items will no longer be scattered around the shower. Instead, a shower basket or tray keeps everything in one easy-to-reach place. Opt for a double or triple-rail wall-mounted shower basket for extra bathroom storage. Choose from our range of shower accessories, including straight or corner baskets to make up the shower caddy.

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holders reduce clutter and make it easier to find toilet paper when you need it. Choosing a design that looks good in your space and matches the colour and style of your toilet suite and other accessories is a must. Plumbing Plus offers a range of minimalist, chic toilet roll holder designs in various colour palettes, including an attached shelf for extra storage and double toilet roll holders.

Toilet Brushes

A toilet brush holder keeps the toilet brush off the floor and away from other surfaces, ensuring a more hygienic bathroom. However, it is an essential bathroom accessory that isn’t always easy to conceal. Browse our range of sleek toilet brush holders in modest colours that don’t need to remain hidden, but demand to be seen. Enclosed tube holders made from stainless steel are rust-resistant and come in elegant, classy designs. If you have a small or easily overcrowded space, wall-mounted toilet brush holders are a great minimalist option.

Robe Hooks and Towel Rings

Robe hooks and towel rings make a refined touch to your bathroom. At Plumbing Plus, we have a wide variety of classic and contemporary styles available. Choose one that matches your towel rails and other bathroom fittings to complete the look. Hang one of our robe hooks or towel rings just outside the shower for easy access to your towels. Towel rings are an excellent alternative to towel rails for bathrooms short on wall space.

Transform your bathroom into a sophisticated haven with Plumbing Plus’ bathroom accessories that seamlessly combine flair and function. Take your pick of design and colour options to create a cohesive look and feel in your space. Visit us in-store or contact us to discuss our polished, contemporary range of bathroom accessories for NZ homes. Shop our range of home bathroom products in stock from Robertson, Kohler and other leading brands to suit your personal needs today.