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Bathroom Lighting

Transform your bathroom into a paradise of comfort with our bathroom lighting solutions. Browse our lighting range for practical, stylish bathroom lighting ideas for a new build or renovation.


LED Bathroom Lighting

If you are looking for efficiency without compromising on light emitted, LED bathroom lights are a perfect option. LED lights are cheaper to run and impressively long lasting, compared to regular incandescent bulbs. LEDs emit more than enough light to keep your space comfortably bright. Their compact size ensures a well-lit room without distracting from other design elements in your bathroom.


Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights will likely be the primary lighting solution in your bathroom. Overhead bathroom lighting can also be made to serve a variety of other functions. Look into bathroom ceiling lights which feature tungsten or infra-red heat lamps. These emit radiant heat that also illuminates your bathroom - perfect for cold winter mornings. Other units come with powerful bathroom ventilation extraction fans to reduce humidity while providing ambient light.


Bathroom Demisters with Lights

To prevent annoying foggy bathroom mirrors, invest in bathroom demisters. These infuse your mirror with gentle heat, preventing condensation from forming. Say goodbye to fuzzy reflections and unsightly dried watermarks. Also, try the beautiful pairing of bathroom demisters with lights. Heated mirrors with lights let you step out of the shower to a crystal-clear mirror every time. Meanwhile, built-in lighting helps to further improve visibility.


Bathroom mirrors with lights

Get ready in style with our mirrors with built-in lights. These mirrors illuminate you in flattering light for easy hair styling and makeup application. The enhanced visibility and precision from the lights will save you precious time and help you enjoy more of your morning. Browse our sleek, understated units in a range of sizes and choose the best model to complete your bathroom.

Shopping for bathroom lighting in New Zealand is easy with our brilliant selection. Our bathroom lighting units come in various sizes and functionality. Find the perfect fit for your needs and available space today with our range of heating, vanities, baths, furniture, and much more.