Gas Hot Water Cylinders

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Gas Hot Water Cylinders

There’s nothing better than a steamy hot shower on a cold winter’s day… and nothing quite as jarring as a sudden, mid-shampoo switch to freezing water. 

Reliable and energy-efficient, worrying about running out of hot water will be a thing of the past when you install a gas hot water cylinder. 

If you’re looking to go cylinder-less, you can find our range of continuous flow gas water heaters here.


Energy Efficient Gas Hot Water Cylinders

Installing a gas hot water cylinder means no more nasty surprises. You’ll get hot water on hand 24/7, from an energy-efficient source.

Our environmentally friendly gas hot water cylinders provide constant access to hot water. No electricity is used, meaning a much lighter energy bill and no worries about your hot water supply in the case of a power cut.

We stock the best gas hot water cylinders in New Zealand. Manufactured by leading heating system provider Rheem, our gas hot water cylinders will stand the test of time.

All our cylinder models feature sturdy and stylish construction, built to last for decades. Choose from a range of sizes and designs to find the perfect water heating solution for your home, with both outdoor and indoor installations available.


Outdoor Gas Hot Water Cylinders

To save space inside, Plumbing Plus offers an excellent range of outdoor gas hot water cylinders. Our outdoor gas hot water cylinders are designed to store large amounts of hot water ready for use.

They’re ideal for family households with moderate to high water use. Capacities for our top-rated gas hot water cylinders range from 130 to 260 litres, so you can choose the right size for your needs.

Shop our wide range of indoor and outdoor gas water cylinders, electric hot water cylinders, point-of-use water heaters and more water heating systems at prices you can afford. If you need help finding the right gas hot water cylinder for your home, contact our store for professional assistance.