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Point of Use Shower Water Heaters

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a point of use water heater. An easy to install water heating solution, you’ll quickly be able to enjoy endless hot showers on demand. With just a cold-water supply and an electrical connection, you can have hot water flowing in your home at the touch of a button.

Electric point of use water heaters heat and pressurise water as it passes through the unit. This generates hot water instantaneously, eliminating the need for pre-heating in a bulky hot water cylinder unit. Our range of point of use water heaters for sale provide reliable hot water, whenever you need it.


Point of Use Shower Water Heaters

Enjoy a hot, soothing shower whenever you like with a point of use shower water heater. These units use very little energy, as they only draw power while they are in use.

You will also notice a difference in water efficiency. Electric point of use water heaters typically use less water per minute than most other types of showerheads. You’ll also find several different settings for spray patterns, meaning you can quickly customise the waterflow to your personal preference.


Electric Point of Use Water Heaters

Electric point of use water heaters for showers are perfect for households with difficult access to gas mains – including houses in remote or rural locations. With just rainwater and electricity, you can enjoy a relaxing hot shower whenever you want.

Save money on your gas and electricity bill with our efficient point-of-use water heaters. You won't have to pay for natural gas heating - instead, small amounts of electricity will heat your water as required. Browse Plumbing Plus now for the best gas water heaters, electric hot water heaters and solar water heaters to keep your home cosy.