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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient way to heat individual rooms and entire homes. During warmer temperatures the cycle can be reversed, eliminating the need to purchase separate heating and cooling equipment. High-quality heat pumps from NZ’s Plumbing Plus offer maximum comfort to get you through the chilliest winters and hottest summers.


Ducted Heat Pumps

Heat your whole home or just your bedroom with our Rinnai ducted heat pumps. The indoor system is discreetly contained in your ceiling or subfloor area and the outdoor unit can be placed up to 50 metres away. The outdoor unit extracts air from outside and consistently pumps warm air through insulated ducts into each room of your home. ​Control the thermostat via a smartphone app to effortlessly customise the temperature of your living area.


High Wall Heat Pumps

A high wall heater in NZ homes delivers clean air through rooms of any size, to increase your comfort year-round.

Our economical heat pumps distribute warm or cool air more efficiently than traditional electric heating systems, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on heating and cooling costs. Download the smartphone app to conveniently control the thermostat for your high wall heat pump.

Contact our friendly, experienced Plumbing Plus team members for advice on choosing the best heat pump for your home. Browse our winter-warming range of central heating systems, heaters and flued gas heaters for sale.