Proud pioneers behind many of the heating solutions Kiwi families enjoy. As a subsidiary of Rinnai Corporation we have constant access to the latest developments and technology – this year we turn 40, but we’re as tech-savvy as a teenager!

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than stepping into a warm, cosy home or office. Heat your home or workspace with the innovative technology of Rinnai gas heaters and gas hot water systems. Here at Plumbing Plus, your family’s satisfaction is our priority. Our long-lasting Rinnai NZ products are built to bring you dependable warmth and comfort during those chilly winter days.


Gas Water Heaters  

A Rinnai gas water heater provides residential and commercial properties with a reliable hot water supply. Internal and external Rinnai gas hot water systems ensure a continuous flow of heated water by preheating the incoming cold water. This maximises energy efficiency while minimising costs.


Hot Water Cylinders

Hot water heating cylinders provide a constant, efficient supply of water that is heated as required. We offer mains and low-pressure systems for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Choose from quality electric and solar hot water systems. Rinnai electric hot water cylinders are a great affordable water heating option. For a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly water cylinder, browse our selection of solar hot water heating systems.

Perfect for very cold temperatures and large spaces, a wetback system boosts your hot water supply and reduces energy costs. Browse our range of energy-efficient Rinnai Smart Cylinders™ which predict the required hot water levels based on your usage patterns.


Radiant Heaters

Heat large, well-ventilated spaces including cafes, schools and factories with Rinnai radiant heaters. Available in natural gas or LPG, Rinnai gas heaters in NZ run silently and require minimal maintenance. For use around the home, our wall or ceiling-mounted infrared heaters provide immediate warmth to your outdoor living spaces.


Heat Pumps

Rinnai ducted heat pumps ensure supreme comfort by heating your entire home. Our ducted heat pump system can be installed in the ceiling or below the floor. Outdoor units can be placed up to 50 metres away.

For single units to heat bedrooms, lounge or dining areas, browse our energy-saving high-wall Rinnai heaters. Control your high-wall system by downloading the smartphone app to warm your home and loved ones.


Gas Fireplaces

Perfect for open-plan areas, a Rinnai gas fireplace adds a touch of class and style to any room. Rinnai’s advanced designs combine good looks with clean, energy-efficient home heating. Use your infrared remote control to set Rinnai gas fires to your desired heat level. Sit back, relax, and watch the luminous flames as they warm your home.