Central Heating

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Central Heating

Beat the chills in the winter months and keep your entire house warm using pure natural gas and LPG. Designed to be powerful and highly energy-efficient, the Rinnai central heating systems at Plumbing Plus are a perfect choice for home heating upgrades and new installations.


Ducted Central Heating

Provide heat to a single room or entire building in minutes with our ducted heating solutions. Our central heating units are designed around efficiency to ensure minimal carbon emissions and lower heating costs even in colder climates.


How does central heating work?

Our systems for gas central heating in NZ consist of a furnace, which can be installed sub-floor or in the ceiling. Cold air from inside the house is drawn in through a heater where it is warmed and then distributed via insulation ducts into each room.


What is the best type of central heating system?

Plumbing Plus is proud to supply the Rinnai central heating range. With a solid reputation for reliability, performance and quality, Brivis has heated Kiwi homes for over 30 years.

Update your old ducted gas heater and reduce overall running costs with our SP5 and SP6 Series appliances. These non-condensing heating systems provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution without compromising quality or warmth.

Upgrade your existing central heating system with the energy-efficient Buffalo 5-star system to save a further 22% on your total electricity costs.

For quality central heating in New Zealand homes that are small on space, choose the budget-friendly Compact Classic system with a 3-speed fan and manual thermostat ideal for keeping a small home warm.

For greater temperature control, the Brivis Touch™ App allows the ability to enjoy year-round comfort at the touch of a button. Easily adjust your central heater temperatures using the high-resolution colour touchscreen controller.

For more information on ducted central heating and space heating solutions for New Zealand homes, visit one of our nationwide Plumbing Plus stores, or fill out an enquiry form online, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.