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Radiant and Infrared Heaters

Browse online or visit your nearest Plumbing Plus store for radiant heaters in New Zealand and stay warm in your home during those cold winter nights. Radiant heating and the similar infrared heating both transfer heat directly from warmer objects (the heater) to colder objects in the vicinity, and as such are ideal in places and rooms where people are in sight of the heater. They provide immediate warmth and are fantastic for warming the occupants of the room with no time wasted, and without spending energy on heating the air inside it.

The various types of indoor infrared heaters, radiant wall heaters and indoor radiant heaters available here offer fantastic heating solutions for homes. Take a look around and find the one that will suit your needs.


Radiant Bathroom Heaters

Getting out of a hot shower and into a cold bathroom is one of the least pleasant winter experiences, but a bathroom infrared heater or radiant room heater will warm you up quickly so you needn’t stay chilly for long. This style of heater is ideal in a bathroom and other small spaces, with immediate heat transfer for effectively warming you up even when you are only in the room for a short time. Take a look at our infrared heaters and other radiant options to find the one you need, and enjoy a better bathroom experience.


Rinnai Indoor Radiant Heaters

Rinnai is a brand known for their quality heating solutions of all kinds, and we are happy to stock Rinnai radiant heaters of varied styles and models, to suit the look and function of any home. For a name you can trust and warmth to last you through the colder months, consider one of our range of Rinnai heaters.

Plumbing Plus’s home heating products range also includes other great space heating options including Rinnai built-gas fires, flued gas heaters, freestanding fires, portable convector gas heaters and even complete central heating systems.