Ducted Ventflo Ceiling Exhaust Fan


Ducted Ventflo Ceiling Exhaust Fan

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The Ducted Ventflo Ceiling Exhaust Fan is designed to fit a ceiling cavity with a minimum height of 210mm (for model 10334) and 242mm (for model 10337), and has a 125mm diameter (for model 10334) and 150mm diameter (for model 10337) duct outlet.

The Ducted Ventflo Fan works by drawing air from the room, and as with all exhaust fans, it is essential that sufficient air inlets exist through windows, vents or under doors.

The Ducted Ventflo must be installed in accordance with current wiring rules (AS/NZ3000) by a licensed and registered electrical contractor or similarly qualified person. Ducting is not included in these models.


  • Impeller housing design provide powerful air flow extraction
  • Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and toilets
  • IP24 rated - can be installed directly above a shower
  • Removable fascia for easy cleaning
  • Easy plug-in installation

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the IXL website. View website »