MultiVent Continuous Extract Ventilation


MultiVent Continuous Extract Ventilation

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The MultiVent continuous extract ventilation system is a centralised fan unit mounted in your roof cavity or cupboard that draws stale moist air and odours from your bathroom, kitchen and toilet, and removes it from the home through the circular grilles mounted in your ceiling.

The slow 'trickle' rate of the MultiVent continuous extract ventilation system continuously moves air around your property at such a low level that you never feel it, which is replaced by clean air, drawn in through the gaps around doors and windows, trickle inlet slots, or the Manrose Puro Filtered Passive Vent Kit (DCT4565), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your home is ventilated without the need to open windows which can let in noise and can compromise security. The fan is designed to operate at a lower flow rate than normal. However, through continuous humidity sensing, the fan will automatically speed up to a suitable boost speed when required. You DO NOT need to switch the system off.

The unit will prevent the build up of moisture in the house, remove steam/condensation and odours during bathing and cooking, cut black mould forming on the walls and behind cupboards, as well as extracting pollutants including volatile organic compounds, bacteria and viruses.

The MultiVent continuous extract ventilation system has a range of installer set-up options including the recommended automatic and continuous trickle setting, to ensure your home is ventilated at the appropriate level. The system can automatically boost to a higher extract rate when the cooker, shower or bath is used. As the unit removes the stale air from the home, it is replaced with air from outside. Natural house ventilation, trickle/slot vents in windows or wall, or the Manrose PURO Filtered Passive Vent kits (DCT4565) can be used. Please note the fan may run at the higher boost rate as the dwelling dries out. This should settle down once the dwelling has had time to dry out.

  • BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Configurable to Continuous Extract with Automated Humidity Control
  • Designed for New Zealand Building Code G4 Compliance
  • 3 room extraction with discharge through a single exterior exhaust cowl
  • Suitable for apartments and townhouses
  • Base Unit Manufactured in the UK

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Manrose website. View website »