Portable Gas Heaters

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Portable Gas Heaters

Finding portable gas heaters in New Zealand is easy with Plumbing Plus! Our home heating range includes a Rinnai portable gas heater that will keep your home toasty and are easy to move around and reposition for a convenient gas heating source wherever they are needed. The gas heaters for sale currently are sleek and unobtrusive, with plenty of safety features using convection to heat air rather than surfaces and move hot air around in the space for quick and thorough warming of the entire room.

Take a look at the portable gas heaters for the home available here and find the ideal one for your place. A warm home is a happy and healthy home, and these gas heaters will help you achieve it.


Rinnai Portable Convector Heaters

Rinnai is a brand known for top quality gas heating solutions, and we are proud to stock a variety of Rinnai portable convector heaters for your home heating needs. There are a few different models to suit different spaces and requirements, so have a read of the specifications to figure out which is best for you.


What is Convection Heating?

Convection heating, as opposed to radiant heating, uses the circulation of air to heat a room. Some operate with a fan to draw in cold air and push out the warm, while others rely on natural convection currents formed as hot air rises. Best used in enclosed spaces, our convector heaters are a great way to warm the room evenly, and they are very efficient at keeping a whole room at a pleasant temperature for an extended period of time.

All of the products you’ll see here use convection to provide a versatile heating solution. Browse the options and prepare to heat things up at home! If a gas convection heater isn’t the right appliance for your home, try our range of Rinnai built-in gas fires, freestanding fires, flued gas heaters, heat pumps and central heating systems