Boiling Water

Boiling and Chilled Water Units

Do away with waiting for the kettle! You can have boiling water at the touch of a button with an instant hot water dispenser. An instant hot water tap is a great time saver. We also have instant hot water dispenser products that offer chilled water from the same applianceto meet all water dispensing needs.

Whether it’s in the office or at home, an instant hot and cold filtered water tap will soon become a necessary luxury. Browse our range of kitchen products to find the best instant hot water dispenser in NZ to suit your needs and space.


Instant Hot Water Taps

A staple of new-build kitchens nationwide, instant boiling water units offer many options. Families can enjoy instant hot water at the touch of a button. Shop instant hot water taps with temperature control to adjust the heat to suit your taste. Our Puretec instant hot water dispenser features a child safety lock mechanism to prevent children from accidentally burning their hands.


Rheem Lazer Boiling Water Units

Our range of Rheem Lazer boiling water units is a popular choice for commercial and office use. These wall-mounted units candeliver amplehot water all day long. This handy machine auto-calibrates to ensure the temperature is always at boiling point. The built-in timer helps save energy when the hot water dispenser is not in use. Those seeking a cost-effective and eco-friendly instant hot water dispenserwill love the Rheem Lazer Eco, which boasts reduced energy consumption. 

Most Rheem Lazer water boilers are available in a white or stainless steel finish with different sizes to suit diverse needs.


Zenith Hydro Taps

The stylish Zenith hot water taps are a modern solution and ideal for home or office use. The under-sink boiling water unit reduces benchtop clutter. These instant electric hot water taps also provide perfectly chilled drinking water at the push of a button. Buy an instant hot water dispenser with a sensor touch LCD display to instantly activate boiling, sparkling or cold water.

Once you’ve sorted your boiling and chilled water requirements, be sure to check out the rest of our range of kitchen products to check out the high-quality stock we have in-store. These include kitchen tapware, quality kitchen sinks, Insinkerators, filtered drinking water units and much more. If you’d like more details on our instant hot water dispenser products, service or delivery, contact our team of experts.