Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

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Gas Water Heaters

Looking to buy a gas water heater for your home? Our range of water heating products includes indoor gas hot water systems from top brands Rinnai and Rheem. Whether you are looking for traditional gas tank water heaters or the best continuous flow gas hot water systems, you are sure to find the right gas hot water heater to keep you and your family enjoying hot showers all year round.


Advantages of Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water heating systems are a smart choice for the environmentally conscious, usually producing fewer greenhouse emissions than electric hot water cylinders. Tankless, continuous flow gas water heaters are a particularly energy efficient choice because they only heat water when it is needed, saving you money on your utility bills. Plumbing Plus has an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor gas water heaters, to suit all space requirements, water needs and budgets.


Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters

If you are looking to buy an energy efficient gas water heater, why not consider a gas continuous flow hot water system? With continuous hot water and reduced wastage of water and energy, a gas continuous flow water heater offers many benefits for your home and your budget. If your home is connected to a gas supply, be sure to also check out our ranges of efficient flued gas heaters and gas fires.


Rheem Gas Water Heaters

When you buy a Rheem gas water heater, quality and efficiency are guaranteed. A Rheem continuous flow gas water heater is built to last, providing you with luxurious hot water on tap for years to come. There is a reason why Rheem products are trusted all over the world.


Rinnai Gas Water Heaters

Boasting precision engineering from Japan, Rinnai gas instantaneous hot water systems are affordable and compact, without compromising superb functionality. A Rinnai gas water heater is a breeze to maintain, offering money-saving energy efficiency combined with convenience and flexibility of installation.