Laundry Tapware & Mixers

Laundry Taps

The importance of hard-wearing, quality laundry tapware is often overlooked. Your laundry will be a well-used area of your house, so it is important to make the correct choice in laundry taps.

Shop our extensive laundry products range to find the right tap for your home. Choose brass, ceramic and steel taps complete with a chrome finish, as well as plastic designs. We have one of the largest selections of laundry taps in New Zealand.


Washing Machine Taps

Laundry taps for your washing machine are a quintessential item for any household. Our range withstands the high water pressures required for everyday use. Browse models suitable for both traditional and modern interior designs.


Dual Laundry Taps

Dual outlet laundry taps allow for the regulation of water temperature from a single spout. This convenience makes the double tap design amongst the most popular models of laundry taps. Classic, contemporary and ergonomic laundry tapware are all available to purchase.


Laundry Mixer Taps

The sleek and stylish designs of laundry mixer taps make for a perfect fit in a modern home. Choose a model as sleek as a water filter tap, or opt for a more classic, sturdy design. Make housework a breeze with a swivel tap or retractable spray head for added practicality. Wall-mounted laundry taps in addition to laundry sink taps are also available.


Laundry Combination Taps

Laundry conversion taps, as its name suggests, allows for the conversion of its use between two functions. The most popular combination is between the laundry sink and washing machine. There are many sturdy designs on offer. Plastic laundry taps are a great option for conscious budgets or for taps hidden behind the sink or washing machine. Chrome designs, however, combine functionality and style. These will be sure to stand the test of time. Many of these models are a perfect fit for a retro-styled home.

Shopping for laundry taps has never been easier. Our stylish range of laundry taps are suitable for any home. Pair them with our selection of laundry sinks, cabinets and accessories. Find a store near you and visit us today!