27L Gas Continuous Flow Internal Water Heater


27L Gas Continuous Flow Internal Water Heater

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Working differently from traditional storage water heaters, gas continuous flow water heaters only heat water on demand rather than heating and storing water until needed.

Appliances can be conveniently mounted to, or recessed into, your exterior wall, taking up less space. They are ideal for homes with high peak loads or when hot water is required occasionally such as at a holiday home.

  • Flamesafe overheat protection
  • 6 star energy rating
  • Digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service
  • Frost protected down to -20C
  • Rheem EZ Link compatible to link two units for increased delivery
  • Optional remote temperature controllers
  • All Rheem Gas Continuous Flow products comply with legislative requirements (Gas and Electrical Certification Amendments 2013) For more information please visit the NZ Energy Safety website
  • Number of People
    • Moderate Climate: 4-6
    • Cold Climate: 4-5
  • Number of Bathrooms: 2.5-3
  • Installation Location: Indoor
  • Flow Rate (@ 25C Rise) 27 L/min

**This indoor model must be installed using a certified Rheem flue system. Always check with local authorities that the installation complies with all regulations applicable in your area.


  • Available in either a natural gas or ULPG model.
  • Other sizes are also available
  • Also available as an outdoor model
Water Pressure

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Rheem website. View website »