Gas Continuous Flow Accessory - Security Bracket


Gas Continuous Flow Accessory - Security Bracket

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The Rheem Gas Continuous Flow security bracket prevents access to the bolts that fix the water heater to the wall by locking the lower section of the water heater in place. The bracket is compatible for installation on all outdoor Rheem Gas Continuous Flow hot water heaters manufactured after the 1st January 2019. It is best to install this security bracket at the same time the water heater is being installed.

Ideal for: Installing gas units on new homes that need to prevent the Rheem continuous flow gas water heater from theft, particularly during building work.

How it works: The bracket fixes the unit to the wall, this locks the lower fastening bracket of the Rheem continuous flow water heater in place. It can be installed on most cladding systems (i.e. Weatherboard, brick & plaster).

Additional features

  • Requires a padlock (not provided) no wider than 30mm
  • Can be painted
  • Will not damage wall cladding or unit

Product Specifications

  • Width: 245 mm
  • Height: 100 mm
  • Depth: 65 mm

Installation: Easy installation in 10-15 minutes by the gasfitter or plumber.

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Rheem website. View website »