Commercial Autoboil


Commercial Autoboil

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Wall mounted instant boiling water Zenith appliance with integrated 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration.

The Autoboil employs twin chamber boiling water steam-heat-boost technology to recycle energy from steam to pre-heat the incoming cold water.

The Autoboil has inbuilt self-calibration technology, utilises highly accurate electronic temperature control and incorporates a programmable 2.8" LCD digital touch-screen display with 2 energy saving modes. The main boiling water tank is constructed from the highest quality 444 grade Stainless Steel and wrapped with high performance insulation to ensure the healthiest water and optimum efficiency. The Autoboil is equipped with an external two-way classic tap.


  • Capacity from 3 to 40 Litres
  • Available in White finish
Water Pressure
Min 70kPa - Max 700kPa

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Zenith website. View website »