T60X Electric Shower


T60X Electric Shower

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Continuous Hot Water Showers - Triton

Install a Triton and you'll never need to worry about running out of hot water again. An electric pressure unit heats the main water supply as it passes through - offering instaneous and continuous hot water.

Hot water storage is unnecessary. Triton showers are easy to install and economical because they will only draw power during operation. Because Triton electric showers simply heat cold water from the mains, they are the most economical showers to run. For extra economy, most of our electric shower range also feature an economy setting which can be used throughout the summer months when the incoming water is naturally warmer and requires less heating.

Other features to look out for include the variable spray patterns, theromostatic temperature control and stop/start memory button.

Triton T60X Electric Shower

An entry level, value for money shower, combining simple design with easy to use functionality. If you are looking for a low cost shower with minimalist styling but the functionality of higher value showers, then this is the shower for you. Separate temperature and power controls and a low pressure indicator provide functionality to this shower.

  • Low pressure indicator - operates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Separate power and temperature control dials
  • Rub clean shower head - Single spray pattern
  • Two year parts and labour guarantee
Water Pressure

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Triton website. View website »