Sanifloor 1 Grey Water Pump


Sanifloor 1 Grey Water Pump

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Sanifloor enables the installation of a walk in shower without the need to raise the shower tray.

The pump performs dual functions by sucking water from the shower and pumping it away to be connected to an existing sewer line. This enables a hob-less shower installation even where gravity drainage can't be achieved.


  • Dual function suction pump to evacuate water from shower
  • 3m vertical lift or 30m horizontal push (and lesser combinations of both)
  • 30L / min flow rate compatible with high flow showers
  • Can locate pump up to 3m horizontally from floor grate
  • Can locate pump up to 30cm vertically above level of the shower tray
  • Suction line, floor grate and fixing materials provided
  • Shower grate to suit hob-less walk in shower

Made in France to the highest standards, needs to be installed by a licensed plumber. Watermark approved.

Also available with a shower grate to suit a moulded shower tray (Sanifloor 3) - see related products below

Possible connection

  • Shower

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Saniflo website. View website »