Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Coil Hot Water Cylinders


Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Coil Hot Water Cylinders

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Rheem has extended its mains pressure hot water storage range to include cylinders with an indirect stainless steel coil heat transfer system. Designed and engineered in New Zealand, this tried and tested heat exchange system allows customers the flexibility to choose their heat sources. The coil is the ideal way to transfer heat indirectly from wetback, solar, heat-pump, or from a combination of sources.

These new cylinders come with the coil installed either at the bottom or middle of the unit, or with an option for dual coils. Each unit comes with a lower element and thermostat installed. An upper element can also be installed to act as a back-up or booster (sold separately).

  • Indirect stainless steel coil heat transfer system
  • Solar & Heat Pump compatible
  • Wetback compatible
  • Designed and engineered by Rheem
  • Suitable for a wide range of water conditions
  • Indoor Installation
  • 10 year cylinder warranty
  • Compressed solar coils require a pumped base system

Also available in 300L capacity

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More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Rheem website. View website »