Flued Gas Heaters

As part of our home heating range, Plumbing Plus offers a leading selection of flued gas heaters for sale. Powerful, efficient and safe, flued gas heaters are a great choice for warming your home. Unsure about the difference between flued vs unflued gas heaters? Flued gas heaters are the safer choice because they vent the air pollutants and water vapour produced by combusting gas fuel, outside the home via a chimney or flue. Unflued gas heaters release these byproducts directly into the home, which can cause indoor air pollution and health issues if improperly ventilated. We offer some of the most competitive flued gas heaters prices in New Zealand, alongside quality, safety and value for money.

Flued Gas Heaters for the Home

When you are looking for an effective and eco-friendly solution for heating a space, our flued gas heaters for the home are an ideal candidate. Whether you need to heat a small space or a larger area, our range of flued gas heaters all offer multiple installation options to suit your specifications.

Flued Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas is a convenient and economical choice when it comes to heating your home. Our flued natural gas heaters are ideal for plumbing into existing natural gas infrastructure.

Flued LPG Gas Heaters

As well as flued natural gas heaters, Plumbing Plus also offers flued LPG gas heaters for sale. Simply specify your gas type at the time of purchase.

Rinnai Flued Gas Heaters

Plumbing Plus exclusively stocks Rinnai flued gas heaters. With Japanese precision engineering, exemplary energy efficiency ratings and a reputation for quality, Rinnai flued gas heaters are built to provide you with many years of safe and reliable heat. The Rinnai Energysaver range is approved by Asthma + Respiratory Foundation NZ's Sensitive Choice programme, with features that ensure zero emissions within the home and optimum air quality for all, including asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Alongside flued gas units, we stock heaters ideal for any space and budget. You can browse our range of gas fires, radiant heaters and central heating systems online or at your local Plumbing Plus store.