Flued Gas Heaters

Easy to install, flued natural gas heaters are some of the most eco-friendly and effective heaters on the market, making them a superior choice for warming your home.

Here at Plumbing Plus, we stock exclusively from Rinnai, New Zealand’s leading gas heater manufacturer. Our flued gas heater prices are some of the most competitive in New Zealand, and you can be sure that when you buy a Rinnai from Plumbing Plus, you’re investing in quality and durability.

Our space heating product range includes a broad selection of Rinnai flued gas heaters, so no matter the size or design requirements of your space, you’re sure to find the appropriate model. Built from quality materials to ensure continuous and safe heat flow, Rinnai’s gas heaters are designed to provide many years of safe operation. Rinnai’s energy saver models have even been approved for customers with asthma or respiratory illness, so you can warm the home without jeopardising the health of your family.

Our powerful Rinnai gas heaters are suitable for everything from compact 309-foot spaces, all the way up to expansive 1005-foot spaces. If you’re looking to heat a smaller or larger space, Plumbing Plus also stock complete ranges of built-in gas fires, freestanding fires, radiant heaters, portable gas heaters and central home heating systems. Whether you’re looking to heat a single room or the entire home, buy with confidence from Plumbing Plus online or instore today.