Rinnai SP5 Gas Central Heating

Priced From

$6,759.00 inc GST


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The Rinnai SP5 Gas Central Heating series delivers excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home, all without the need for drains. Rinnai can now not only deliver a 5-star rating without producing condensate, but can offer a cheaper way of getting 5-star efficiency without compromising on quality.

A non-condensing ducted gas heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater meaning lower installation costs.


  • Rinnai ZonePlus compatible
  • Lay down kit (internal unit option)
  • Selected models available in ULPG
  • Supports Rinnai Touch Wi-Fi
  • Five year parts and labour warranty

Models available

  • Two natural gas models available; 21 kW or 30 kW.


Allows you to have up to four individually controlled zones. ZonePlus can be achieved with a combination of products (Touch or Network controllers and/or sensor units, and one damper for each zone), which are best discussed during your home appraisal.

Indicative installed costs

An indicative installed cost (incl. furnace, controller, ducting, outlets, return grille and installation) for a small house (80-180 m2 with 6-10 outlets) is $7,000 - $10,000, and for a large house (180-280m2 with 11-15 outlets) is $11,000 - $14,000.

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