Rinnai Enamel Mains Pressure Indoor/Outdoor Hot Water Cylinders

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$1,094.00 inc GST


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High quality glass lined (vitreous enamel) electric hot water cylinder, preset to 65 degrees C.

  • Vitreous enamel lined inner cylinder
  • Sturdy corrosion resistant outer casing
  • High density expanded polyurethane foam insulation

Product range

  • 90 L with a 2 or 3 kW element
  • 135 L with a 2 or 3 kW element
  • 180 L with a 2 or 3 kW element
  • 215 L with a 2 or 3 kW element
  • 275 L with a 2 or 3 kW element
  • 340 L with a 2 or 3 kW element

Suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor installations
  • Mains and low pressure systems
  • Residential and commercial water heating applications
  • Right hand plumbing connections (90, 135, 180 L)
  • Left or right hand plumbing connections (215, 275, 340 L)
  • The larger cylinders (215, 275, 340 L) can be connected to hot water heat pump systems.
  • Hard or aggressive water will need to be treated in order to use this product, please test before use.
  • Not suitable as a spa or pool heater.


  • Every cylinder is inspected and audited by a certified independent agency during protection and before the cylinder is packed and shipped.


  • cTech element, designed to follow the shape of the cylinder, eliminating cold spots and increasing heating efficiency.


  • 7 year cylinder warranty, 1 year parts, conditions apply
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