Puretec Quick Twist Filter System using Ultra Z Filtration Technology with Tripla BL2 Black Mixer Tap

$923.00 inc GST


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Quick-twist Undersink Filter with Tripla BL2 Black Mixer Tap

The Z1-BL2 "tap & filter" package, comes complete with Tripla-BL2 3-way mixer and the Quick-Twist, Ultra Z filter system. This innovative Puretec Quick-Twist filter is easy to install, mounts horizontally or vertically and comes with all the plumbing fittings you'll need for standard installation.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Innovative triple-action tapware! Hot, cold, filtered and/or rainwater, but just one distinguished mixer.
  • This triple action tapware delivers a host of practical features like the 360 degree swivel, also plenty of clearance and height for filling up jugs, bottles and washing up.
  • Valve-in-head filter means no mess, quick-twist hygienic cartridge change.
  • Uses Ultra Z Filtration Technology to finely filter water down to 0.1 micron through an advanced three stage process.
  • Reduces sediment, chemicals including chlorine, bad taste, odour and also protects against cysts and bacteria such as E. coli.
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