Manrose Classic LED Extract-a-LED Fan Kits

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$424.00 inc GST


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  • 3W LED lamp with driver is over 80% more energy efficient then the halogen Extract-A-Lite.
  • The high efficiency in-line fans are designed to provide higher levels of extraction for larger bathrooms and include a stylish LED downlight.
  • Designed so that they can be mounted directly above your steam source, i.e. shower or bath.
  • LED driver included in the kit to operate the 12V LED.
  • Supported by a 5 year warranty.

Please note: FAN5369 and FAN5370 which utilise the Hyper150 motor have been upgraded to EC to provide better performance along with Eco friendly energy savings of 33%

Hyper150 Features

  • High pressure impeller
  • High duty-point performance
  • Energy saving at just 18W
  • Long life with lower operating temperature brushless technology
  • Designed for G4 Building Code for Bathrooms
  • Designed for Healthy Homes Standard Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Environmentally friendly with 33% less energy used at just 18W

Suitable for

  • Extract-a-LED can be mounted directly above your steam source, ie shower or bath
Extraction fans should preferably be placed as close as possible to the steam source (eg. over or near the shower). Inline fans are the most common solution as the grille can be placed directly above the steam source.  
Which application you choose will be determined by the physical constraints of the room, please use the attached "Ventilation Selector Guide" to work through the steps to help determine your fan selection.