Designer II Feltonmix Wallset White

$90.00 inc GST


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The Designer range centres around the Feltonmix shower mixer, the first shower mixer to successfully apply the Venturi principle to mix hot and cold water supplied at different pressures. Trusted by New Zealand plumbers and homeowners for more than 50 years, the Feltonmix continues to prove its reliability and performance time and time again.

  • White Faceplate, handle and shower head pack
  • Shower aperture - 12mm²
  • Mixing valve not included - see related products to purchase separately
  • TPR rings for ease of cleaning and tool included for disassembling wallset
  • Designed and Made in NZ
  • Watermark certified


  • Water Pressure - All
  • Finish - White
  • Warranty - 5 year warranty

WELS Ratings

  • Low/Unequal Pressures
    • Water Efficiency: 2 STARS
    • Water Consumption: 12.0L/M
  • Mains Pressure
    • Water Efficiency: 3 STARS
    • Water Consumption: 7.5L/M
Designer II Feltonmix Wallset White
Designer II Feltonmix Wallset White