Dux Regent Double Flap Toilet Seat

$42.00 inc GST


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Dux Toilet Seats, styled from quality polypropylene, have proven reliability and strength. They are easy to install and clean, perfect for the DIYer who wants the assurance of a quality product.

The Dux Regent seat is an ideal choice for quality and style at a budget price. Easily cleaned, hard-wearing and incorporating the patented anchoring system as used for the Dux Royal seat. These seats make a practical and visually pleasing impact in any bathroom and suit most types of pans and cisterns.

Dux seats comply with the New Zealand building code durability requirements of five years if installed and maintained in strict accordance with the instructions supplied with the product. The installer is responsible for the workmanship of the installation. The product is used for mounting on W.C. pans in commercial and residential applications.