Toilet Seats

Choosing the right toilet seat is s typically overlooked aspect of bathroom interior design. Our leading range of bathroom supplies includes a wide selection of toilet seat designs and styles, with something to suit every home.


Soft Close Toilet Seats

Soft-close toilet seats are among the more popular toilet seats in New Zealand. Able to fit most toilet suites, our soft close seats are precision made to ensure a soft close. The soft-close feature ensures there are no accidental slams and breaks which can wake up the house! There is also a double flap, which is standard on most household toilets. Our soft close toilet seats also come with a blind-fix kit at your request.


Kids Toilet Seats

Our kids’ toilet seats are perfect for small children in the toilet-training years. This range features light-weight double flaps that are easier for young children to raise and lower. Our kids’ toilet seats double-flap system also helps keep your bathroom looking tidy and presentable.


Replacement Toilet Seats

Shopping for your bathroom needs has never been easier with our selection of toilet seats. Contact our friendly team for advice on the most suitable options for your home, whether you’re looking for a new toilet seat or a replacement. Plumbing Plus also provides a great selection of other bathroom accessories including heated towel rails, basins, and cabinets. Browse our quality range instore or online today.