Aquashield Centurion Max 2.0 (Rainbank)


Aquashield Centurion Max 2.0 (Rainbank)

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For Tank Water with mains back up, pumping, filtration and UV disinfection, this system is a factory matched rainwater management and treatment package. Also, may be suitable for bore and surface water treatment - subject to water quality.

This proven treatment system is pre-assembled and supplied in its own tamper-proof enclosure and is simple to install. Includes the Davey HM-60 and Rainbank RB2 partnered with the KMCXS.

The UV disinfection systems include a Davey pressure pump, Microlene 20 micron (Poly Pleated) filtration for sediment reduction and 1 micron (Poly Spun) filtration for cyst reduction and is followed by our trusted Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety.

  • Three stage treatment process for Tankwater providing clean safe disinfected water.
  • Provides pressure boosting and control with automatic rains to mains switch over (prioritises tank water use, switches to mains back up when the tank runs dry)
  • Xtra Smart Controller with LCD colour display for ease of use including optional system module add ons for system monitoring
  • Built in automatic cooling fan for when internal temperatures exceed 35 degrees
  • 56.8 lpm recommended max flow (suitable for up to 7 outlets turned on at the same time)
  • 0.66kW Power consumption
  • Tank Inlet: 32mm FBSP
  • Mains Inlet: 20mm FBSP
  • Outlet: 25mm FBSP
  • 65m Head
  • Black finish


  • AS20RB - 2 Year Warranty & Warranty Terms as per KMCXS for Filtration and disinfection system
  • KMCXS- 10 Years on Stainless Steel Chamber, 3 Years on electrical controller, 12 months on Filter Housing
  • HM60-08 & RB2 - 2 Year Warranty

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Microlene website. View website »