Pro-Series Extract-a-Lite Kits


Pro-Series Extract-a-Lite Kits

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  • These high efficiency Extract-a-lite fans are designed to provide higher levels of extraction for today's larger bathrooms and are combined with a stylish downlight for spot lighting within your bathroom.
  • With the fan mounted in the ceiling space, the system can draw steam directly from source while at the same time providing spot lighting.
  • Electronic Transformer included in the kit to operate the 12V downlight.
  • Supported by a five year warranty.
  • White or Satin silver finish available to complement your bathroom decor.

Fan Switching Options:

  1. Standard Models - fans operate from remote switch (not supplied)
  2. Timer Models - fans operate from a switch, the fans continue to run for a preset time after switching off. The 100 and 125mm models are adjustable between 1-20 minutes, whereas the 150mm models include a fixed 7 minute timer. Both require three wires: permanent phase, switched phase, neutral

    NOTE: All fan flow rates quoted are free air delivery. Performance will be affected by the length of ducting used.

Please note: FAN2033 which utilises the Hyper150 motor has been upgraded to EC to provide better performance along with Eco friendly energy savings of 33%

Hyper150 Features

  • High pressure impeller
  • High duty-point performance
  • Energy saving at just 18W
  • Long life with lower operating temperature brushless technology
  • Designed for G4 Building Code for Bathrooms
  • Designed for Healthy Homes Standard Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Environmentally friendly with 33% less energy used at just 18W

More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Manrose website. View website »