Stay hydrated with a constant supply of fresh filtered water, brought to you in a sleek, modern style with Zenith water solutions. Shop online or in-store today for Zenith Hydrotap and Chilltap residential or commercial products. Contact us by phone or email to discuss our products with the friendly Plumbing Plus team.



Featuring award-winning technology, the Zenith Hydrotap provides filtered boiling, hot, ambient, sparkling and cold H2O, from a single tap.

Hydrotap’s PowerPulse™ innovative technology provides an energy-efficient source of instant boiling water. Zenith taps feature safety and energy-saving modes, with an interactive touch-screen command centre that sits under the sink, out of sight.

Shop our wall-mounted Hydroboil or compact Miniboil Classic Zenith hot water tap systems. Enjoy filtered boiling and ambient water at a set temperature from the first drop, with no waste. Safety features include a cool-touch tap, head and body. Browse our Zenith Hydrotap and Hydroboil range, for the perfect filtered water solution for your home or office.



Zenith’s advanced Chilltap system provides clean, filtered chilled and sparkling water on demand. The Zenith water filter removes chlorine, lead, rust, asbestos fibres, odours and various impurities. A robust stainless steel spout swivels out of the way when not in use.

Cost-effective and energy-efficient, you will find our Chilltap and Hydrotap, residential and commercial products easy to install and operate.

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