Fixed Duration Fan Run-On Timer


Fixed Duration Fan Run-On Timer

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  • A fixed fan timer that will automatically switch the appliance off after approx 7 minutes.
  • Fits new or existing fans - small enough to fit most common flush boxes.
  • The timer can be used within the fan or in parallel with a light switch.
  • The run-on time is dependant on how long the fan/light has been running. The fan starts 45 seconds after turning on and switches off approx. 7 minutes after being switched off. The 45 second delay avoids unnecessary start up of the fan when the bathroom lights are only switched on for short periods - ie washing hands.

The new design Manrose Fixed Duration Fan Run-On Timer is now more accurate than ever and is suitable for AC fans.

Manrose Fixed Duration Fan Run-On Timer Features:

  • Easy to install. Designed to fit in a wall mounted flush box or alternatively, within the fan-light assembly
  • Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet & laundry applications

Manrose Fixed Duration Fan Run-On Timer Settings:

The fan will turn on when the switch is flicked ON. The timer will delay the turning OFF of the fan up to 7 minutes to help clear the bathroom of residual moisture after a bathing event.

The Run-On Delay - OFF time depends on how long the switch has been left on for.


Switch On-Time

Delay-Off Time


0-45 seconds

0 minute


46-120 seconds

1 minute


>120 seconds

7 minutes


More information and BPIR (if applicable) can be found on the Manrose website. View website »