Gas Fires

A stylish and modern answer to the typical wood fireplace, built-in gas fires will heat your home in a cost-effective and efficient manner, saving money on heating costs and reducing environmental impacts. There is nothing quite like a flickering fire, and an in wall gas fire offers that feeling and aesthetic along with all of the benefits of gas - with no need to chop and store firewood! Every home has a different look, so you’ll need a fireplace that fits with your decor. Take a look at our range of inset gas fires and compare the options to find the one that works in your place.

Rinnai Gas Fires

Rinnai is a brand trusted throughout New Zealand, offering quality and high-efficiency inset gas fires in a range of designs, including flueless inset gas fires and those with ceramic logs for a woodburner look. Whatever you need, you can find amongst our offerings from Rinnai - including a handy compact model that offers a small inset gas fire option for anyone who has a small space in which to fit their heating system.

The Advantages of Inbuilt Gas Fireplaces

There are many ways in which inbuilt gas fires offer more than the traditional wood burner. They provide a constant and reliable heat, with no waiting for the fire to take hold and no replenishing of logs. In fact, you won’t have to deal with logs at all, saving a lot of time and in some cases, money. A built-in gas fireplace eliminates sparks and mess, is more efficient than electric heating systems, is stylish, easy to operate and can even be remote-controlled. Inbuilt gas fires have many advantages that recommend them as an ideal heat source, and you can find a whole range of them right here to keep your home warm and toasty.

Is a built-in gas fireplace not what you’re after? Our range of space heating solutions also includes freestanding firesradiant heatersportable gas heaters and complete central home heating systems