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Bathroom Safety Equipment

As leading suppliers of bathroom products in Australasia, we offer a wide selection of bathroom safety equipment to assist those with physical limitations. Our functional bathroom safety products add comfort and convenience to your home with stylish, modern designs.

Browse our range of top-quality bathroom safety equipment and products, including toilets with high toilet pans, soft closing toilet seats, stainless steel grab rails and easy to grip basin mixers. All equipment is suitable for home use, clinics, hospitals and residential care homes.



Promote user independence with our bathroom safety equipment and products. Modernise your bathroom with our toilets, which have easy-to-operate raised buttons for flushing, and integrated, stainless steel armrests to provide extra support for those with restricted movement.

Additional bathroom safety equipment features raised toilet seats with a robust design for added toilet safety. The single or double-flap seats consist of sturdy stainless steel hinges and rotatable buffers for extra durability to support transfers into and out of a wheelchair.


Grab Rails

Help prevent falls on slippery surfaces with our specialised bathroom safety equipment for seniors. Install wall-mounted, stainless steel grab rails by the bath, in the shower and next to the toilet to ensure maximum safety and convenience.

Our bathroom equipment for the elderly fosters autonomy with slip-resistant, knurled grab bars. These polished chrome bars are available in a wide range of lengths to suit various locations and purposes around the home.


Basins and Basin Mixers

Complement your bathroom decor with our easy-to-use basins and basin mixers. Our specially engineered bathroom equipment for the elderly includes basin mixers with extended care handles to assist those with limited hand mobility. These water-conserving mixers also feature comfortable, easy-grip handles, with an anti-scald design to help prevent burns.

Browse our online range for more bathroom accessories and products including shower heads and vanities, or drop into one of our stores across New Zealand and ask our friendly professionals for ideas to update and upgrade your bathroom.