Newtech Milu Odourless In-Wall Cistern (Framed) only for Wall Hung Toilet Pan

$1,232.00 inc GST


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Odourless In-Wall Framed Cistern for Wall Hung Pans is designed with Expella's patented inbuilt ventilation system. Designed to be paired with the Mod or Crest Wall Hung Toilet Pans.

  • The concealed cistern with support frame comes with Expella's patented inbuilt ventilation system
  • Support frame is designed to support and secure the pan to the wall, elevating the pan off the floor and giving the bathroom a sense of space and opulence
  • Compact, rigid and easy to handle
  • The support frame makes installating the concealed odourless cistern easy.
  • The frame fits between standard studs and is 555mm wide.
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