Manrose Classic XF Fans

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$108.00 inc GST


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  • Designed for wall or ceiling mounting, these Models are efficient and easy to install
  • These axial fans have been upgraded with ball bearing motors to prolong the life of the motor
  • Auto Shutter Fan Models and Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) Fan Models available also, please request pricing for these.

Fan Switching Options:

  1. Standard Models - fans operate from remote switch (not supplied)
  2. Timer Models - fans operate from a switch, the fans continue to run for a preset time after switching off - adjustable 1-20 minutes.
    Requires three wires: permanent phase, switched phase, neutral
  3. Pull Cord Models - Integral pullcord switch on fans
  4. PIR Models - Motion sensor incorporated in fans. Range up to 5 metres
  5. Auto Shutters - Electrically operated louvre shutters open automatically when fans are running - prevents back-draughts. NOTE: All fan flow rates quoted are free air delivery.
  6. Low Voltage Models - suitable for installation in damp areas, zones 1, 2 and 3.

    All fan flow rates quoted are free air delivery.
MANROSE CLASSIC XF Fan Models 150mm Specifications Download