Aquashield Centurion UV Treatment Kits

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This proven three stage treatment process is a pre-assembled, simple to install, wall mounted unit for treating household rain water tank supplies.

Benefits of Microlene's 3 Stage UV System Microlene's proven three-stage Filtration and Ultraviolet disinfection systems can provide continuous clean, safe and fresh tasting water from your rainwater tank. In conjunction with pre-filtration, UV is the best practical option for treating drinking water and is widely used in disinfecting the drinking supplies of not just individual homes, but entire towns. Automatic UV lamp and pump management systems ensure only disinfected water is delivered. Anti-cycling controllers eliminate energy wasting and nuisance pump cycling, maximising efficiency and convenience.

The unit includes:

  • Micron 20µm filtration for sediment reduction
  • Micron 1µm filtration for cyst reduction
  • Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety


  • There is a choice of two models depending on water flow rate required
    • 50L per minute
    • 70L per minute
  • The system offers the flexibility to install with an existing pump or to a Davey home water pressure system
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