Manrose Classic Thru Wall Fan Kits SELV

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Manrose Low Voltage Fans are suitable for installation within shower cubicles or within the splash area of a bath or laundry tub - where current regulations prevent the use of conventional fans. These fans are powered by a SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) isolating transformer which converts the mains supply to 12 Volts. Manrose Low Voltage Fans can be used within Damp Zones 1, 2, or 3 and come in a range of sizes to suit shower rooms, bathrooms or ensuites. Able to be positioned right where steam/moisture is produced, they can achieve optimal extraction.

Low voltage Thru-Wall fan kits can be mounted in damp areas and are suitable for situations where the bathroom is on an external wall, or there is insufficient ceiling space for an inline fan.

  • Includes the weatherproof cowl and SELV 12V Transformer
  • Compact design enables these fans to be installed unobtrusively into any wall (requires a minimum wall cavity of 110mm).
  • Supported by a 5 year warranty.
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