InSinkErator Brush’N’Push Sink Tool

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Brush’N’Push™ is a new multi-function sink tool from InSinkErator that helps push food waste down a food waste disposer and to effectively clean dishes and other kitchen tasks like scrubbing vegetables.

  • Strong bristles for great dish cleaning. The Brush’N’Push™ bristles are made from high-quality nylon able to effectively clean dishes.
  • Design allows the brush to stand up. Allowing the brush to stand, allows it to stand next to the sink ready for easy use.
  • Thick handle for non-slip grip. The thickness of the brush allows for easy grip, especially for the elderly.
  • Dishwasher safe. The use of high-quality materials allows the Brush’N’Push™ to be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Colour change indicates how far to push food waste into the disposer. The colour change indicates a safe distance to push the Brush’N’Push™ into a food waste disposer.
  • Rubberized to grip food waste. Over-moulded rubber allow easy gripping of food waste being pushed down Food Waste Disposer.
  • Dimpled end to grip food waste. The dimpled pattern on the base of the pusher also helps grip food waste being pushed down Food Waste Disposer.
  • A range of contemporary colours. Brush’N’Push™ come in a range of 5 contemporary colours.
  • Even more convenient and hygienic. Brush’N’Push™ makes using your Food Waste Disposer even more convenient and hygienic, where it stands next to the sink ready for use, preventing hands touching food waste.

Brush'N'Push - Cleans Dishes & Pushes Food Waste into a Disposer