Aquatica Eco-Smarte Shower Mixer

$187.00 inc GST


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This new eco-friendly range from Aquatica has been developed to accommodate those consumers who want a future-proof product in their home. These products can be quickly adapted to reduce the flow on mains pressure installations - thus reducing your waste water and saving on your power and water costs

Our new Eco-Smarte range is also fitted with a new cartridge that will allow greater flow for those with low pressure systems.

  • Temperature limiting controls
  • Flow restrictors
  • Greater flow on low pressures
  • Free Lifetime Warranty upgrade

Suitable for

  • Suitable all pressures - minimum pressure 3.5m=35kPa
  • Includes a special cartridge with a wider mixing action for greater temperature control.
  • Includes flow limiter to reduce water consumption
  • Includes temperature limiter to prevent accidental scalding
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