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Choose a leading supplier of innovative products for home air extraction and ventilation. Representing quality, service, and reliability, shop our Simx range from Plumbing Plus online or in-store.

Our Simx Products

Shop our PVC Inline Back draught Shutters to help prevent back draughts in your home when the fan isn’t in use.

 Discover products available to suit a range of ducting applications. Connect two pieces together with our heavy-duty Duct Joiners, or use our Reducers to change from one size duct to another.

 Without external ventilation, fats, oils, and odours can build up in the roof cavity above your rangehood. Our Rangehood Ducting Kits extract air via the wall or roof. Perfect for new or existing rangehoods, each product includes all fittings, and the thru-wall application consists of a weatherproof cowl.

 Control your home heating at the touch of a button with our heat transfer systems. A fan moves heat trapped at the top of one room to other colder rooms in your household through insulated fans and grilles. Systems are available for one, two, and three bedroom houses.

 Choose Plumbing Plus as your go-to Simx product suppliers. For more advice on our products, make an enquiry online or visit one of our stores New Zealand-wide.